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About Kish

Kish Island has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region amongst tens of large and small islands. This island is so beautiful and attractive that has become known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf since ancient times.

Its calm coasts are covered with coral sands that shine in the sunlight, creating a unique and fascinating sight. The clear coastal water allows one to view several meters deep into the sea and watch the beautiful movement of the fish. Diverse plants and native trees, as well as a pleasant climate seven months a year are among the outstanding characteristics of the island.

The island has attracted many tourists, travelers, and writers throughout history due to these very characteristics. Among those who have written in praise of this island are Niarkhous, the Greek navy commander, who traveled to Kish in 225 B.C. and wrote about its beautiful palm fields. Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta, and Hamdullah Mostofi, as well as Ms. Fatemeh Al Ali the contemporary Kuwaiti writer who traveled to Kish in February 2002 and similized the island with a “Gem on a King’s Crown”.
Kish Island is located on the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf approximately 18 kilometers away from south of Iran. This historical and nearly oval island is 90 square kilometers wide and relative to its area, it has one of the longest beach stretches with an outer boundary of 40 kilometers. The Island is 15.45 kilometers long from west coast to the east coast and its maximum width extending from the southern shorelines to the northern shorelines is 7.5 kilometers. The island is sandy and uncultivated, with a high point of 45 meters above sea level. Except for cold seasons, the relative humidity makes Kish island like a sea island; the humidity is about 60% most of the year. In the months of October to April, the weather is mild and very lovely with a temperature ranging between 18 to 25 °C. Its beautiful coast is covered with white silvery sand washed by azure blue waves of the sea. Already a famous island, Kish owes its present flourishing to its status as Iran's first and for a long time free port and its sweet water. Kish has a long history of about 3,000 years, being called under various names such as Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss. The island was known for the quality of its pearls; when Marco Polo was visiting the imperial court in China and remarked on the beauty of those worn by one of the Emperor's wives, he was told that they had come from Kish.
The island fell into decline in the 14th century when it was supplanted by Hormoz. It remained obscure until just before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, when it was developed as an almost private retreat for the Shah and his privileged guests with its own international airport, palaces, luxury hotels and restaurants, and even a grand casino. Shortly after the Revolution, the new government appointed a very capable team of managers under Kish Free Zone Organization, KFZO, (formerly known as KIDO, Kish Island Development Organization) to establish Kish as a free zone by taking advantage of the facilities already in place.
The pace of development over recent years has been remarkable, outstripping anything found on the mainland. Nowadays the east coast of the Island resembles a vast building site, and already KFZO intends to develop Kish as a top- class regional holiday center, particularly for foreign tourists and those interested in investment there. The island has got more than 15 tourist lodging complexes, including villas, hotels, guesthouses, etc. Availability of power and water supplies, advanced telecommunications systems, very modern transportation facilities, reliable monetary and banking systems, welfare health care centers, restaurants, sport center, as well as tax and duty visa exemption for foreigners, entry and exit permit for capitals and profits obtained, and a lot more are part of promising elements for a splendid and prosperous future for the island.
Kish is a place apart: it has its own distinctive flag, and even the vehicle registration plates are marked in both English and Persian, unlike anywhere else in Iran. In fact, almost everything is marked in English; since all sorts of high- class facilities are made available here, one could say that this island is unlike anywhere in Iran.
Facilities for tourists in addition to the Island's beautiful and fascinating seashores (with men-only and women-only swimming resorts), marvelous natural sightseeing, and scenery, make it a unique paradise of tourists. Here you can go boating, cycling, (with a 73-km long track), diving, swimming, fishing, and jogging all along the seashore and have a cheerful and unforgettable stay. In Kish Aquarium, beautiful schools of colored fish have been gathered which gives you the impression of having arrived at an incredible picture of the world under the deep warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Pearl Culturing and Developing Center is the next most attractive place worth a visit. In case you decide to fly over the shiny green waters of the Persian Gulf, a helicopter shuttle service is also available. You may also use the same shuttle to fly to the Hendurabi Island 24 KM from Kish and enjoy its recreational facilities. If you are interested in historical monuments, you are recommended seeing the ruins of historical cities of Harireh (erected some 800 years ago and mentioned in Golestan of Sa’adi, outstanding Iranian poet) and Saffein. Other entertainments available here are the Iranian typical music, concerts, and plays frequently held on the Kish Summer Cinema.

History of Kish

http://www.thepersiangulf.org/cities/Qanat2-1.jpgKish has a long history of about 3,000 years, being called under various names such as Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss in the course of time. In 325 BC, Alexander the Great commissioned Niarkus to set off an expedition voyage into the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Niarkus's writings indicate that he visited Araracta in the 4th century BC. His descriptions of Araracta precisely match with the characteristics of Kish.
Once again, greatness, ability, creative power, intention, and diligence have appeared in revival of one of the Iranian Traditions. Those who were living on Kish Island tens of centuries ago, with their Iranian inherent intelligence in building aqueducts, underground canal—mostly known as Qanat or Kariz—stroked the coralline layers of Kish Island in search of potable water and were rewarded with "fresh water" or "sweet water" as people say. For centuries afterwards, the sweet water of Kish Island not only relieved the thirst of the local residents, but also, by exporting it to neighboring states, the local residents could swap it with sugar or cash.
Nowadays, the Kish Kariz has changed into a world unique phenomenon. The ancient canal was expanded below the surface of the Kish Island with museums, art galleries, handicraft workshops, traditional and modern tea/coffee shops. The present length of the underground complex is about 3000 meters, and the visitors will have the choice either to walk inside it or to sail in power/pedal boats and see its beauties on board.

The Ancient Town of Harireh

For those who are interested in the history of Iran in general, and in the history of Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf in particular, a visit to the ancient town of Harireh is a must-do. Harireh is most probably the town that the renowned Iranian poet, Sa'adi, referred to in his book as 'The Rose Garden'. There are references to the location of the town on the island in the works of Iranian and Arab historians. These say that the town was situated in the middle of the northern part, precisely where the ruins are standing today.

http://www.thepersiangulf.org/cities/Ancient%20water%20cellars.jpgA tour of Harireh can give visitors a chance to imagine the ancient times of Iran. Then, a short stroll over to Derakht-e-Sabz (Green Tree) Park will provide a chance of relaxation in a tranquil atmosphere.

Traditional Water Reservoirs

Drinking water in Kish is somehow limited. That is why, since ancient times, the indigenous people resorted to different methods of supplying their drinking water. The remnants of some of them attest to this fact.
As in many other areas of the country where water is scarce, the past inhabitants of Kish used a special type of water reservoir to collect rainwater. These reservoirs were dug at the end of natural basins deep in the ground.
With the innovation of desalination technology traditional water reservoirs became obsolete. But, what is remained is a sight to visit for tourists. The architecture of these structures is unique and very interesting.
To collect surface waters, two such reservoirs were built in the Portuguese Valley in 1992. The water collected is being used to irrigate the parks and green areas.
An ancient water reservoir is Payab. It has been restored and is now one of the attractions of the island. Payab is over 2,000 years old. Once it was renovated, the floor was carpeted with corals. A teahouse has also been provided to serve refreshments to visitors. In Persian, Payab means the bottom of the sea.

Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Airport Information 2171, 3520.

Air Agencies
Iran Air. Opposite Kish Service Co, 2274.
Eram Kish, next to Pardis market, 3323,1361.
KITO, Sahel Bldg, 3565.

Banks and Exchange Offices
Bank Maskan, 119, Venus Bazaar, 3360-1.
Bank Mellat, 30 Pardis market, 2863, 2812.
Bank Melli Iran, opposite KFZO, 2481-3.
Bank Meili Iran, Terminal No 4, Kish Airport, 3950.
Bank Refah Kargaran, 26 Pardis market, 3233, 1864.
Bank Saderat Iran, opposite opposite KFZO, 2767, 2206,2306,2524.
Bank Sepah, next to KFZO, 2984-6.
Bank Tejarat, next to KFZO, 2127-8.

Car Hire
Dorsa, Seahorse Bldg, Opposite Behkish market, 3339,2376.
Kishran, 44 Chamran Workshop, 2700,3700.
Mohammad Dust, next to Parsian Hotel, 2500.
Tosan Cab, 3, 4, and 5 Chamran Workshop, 2200,2400,2600,3800.

City Telephone Code Number

Drug Store (24-Hour)
Dr Kardar, unit No 50, Chamran Service Complex.
Hospital Pharmacy, Ebn-e Sina St, 2211,2811.
Red Crescent First Aid Center, Marjan market Sq, 2115.

See under Medical Services.

Fire Station
Opposite Goldis Hotel, 2255, 112, 1873. GOVERNOR'S OFFICE:
Opposite Satfein market, 2625, 3625.

Medical Services
Kish Hospital, Ebri-e Sina St, 2211, 2811
Kish Hygeniec Center, opposite Pars Khalij Bazaar, 2822,2010.
Shahid Sattari Clinic, next to Setareh Hotel, 2065-6.

Minibus Service

Opposite Satfein market, 1874.

Police Station
Near Imam Khomeini Sq,0914769- 1121,2905.
Rahimi Camp, 2143,2462.

Post and Telecommunication
Postal: Past the left branch of the main series of shops in Satfein market, 2411-2.
Behind France market, 117-8,211, 2121,2444.
148 Pars Khalii Market. 2287.2178.

Goldis, on the ground floor of Goldis Hotel. Tel: 2237, 3237-8,2837,3259.
Kentucky, 196 Pardis market, Ext. 400.
Kish Elite Glass Restaurant, next to Kish Elite, 2080,2092,2949.
Mazandaran Traditional Food, next to Saftein Bazaar, 1817.
Mir Mohana, Parvin, E'tesami St, 2855.
Nasim, Shayan Hotel, 2771-5, 2409.
Parsian. Parsian Hotel, 3470-2,2399.
Pars Khalij, Pars Khakij Bazaar, 2326..

Taxi Agent
Auto Ehsan, next to Marjan market, 2890, 2562.
Dena Taxi, opposite Pars Khalij bazaar,3880-1.
Ghazal Kish, next to Fire Station, 3910,3911.
Kishran Taxi, 2008-9.
Nik Taxi, next to Parsi Nik hotel, 2579, 1632.

Tourist Map
Available in English and Persian.
Further information on Kish Island can be found here.

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