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Program Schedule
The oral and poster program schedules can be obtained by downloading the below PDF files:

PPS2011 Tentative Program 13th Edition

Program of the Poster Session 3rd Edition

Scientific Program
The conference includes Plenary Lectures, Keynote Lectures, Parallel Symposia and Poster Presentations. The meeting begins on November 15, 2011 and end on November 17, 2011.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Nov. 15, 2011
Morning Afternoon

Prof. Avraam I. Isayev
University of Akron

Prof. Patrick Anderson
Eindhoven University of Technology
Nov. 16, 2011
Morning Afternoon

Prof. Uttandaraman Sundararaj
University of Calgary

Prof. Evan Mitsoulis
National Technical University of Athens
Nov. 17, 2011
Morning Afternoon

Prof. Pierre Carreau
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Prof. João B. P. Soares, PhD, FCIC, P.Eng.
University of Waterloo, Department of Chemical Engineering

General Symposia

Symposia Title

Symposia Organizers




Polymer Nanocomposites

S. Bhattacharya (Australia)

H. Shariatpanahi

A. Rashidi

M. Kokabi
S. Mazinani


Rubber Processing

A. K. Ghosh (India)

A. Jalali

A. Abasian

A. A. Katbab
M. Razaghi Kashani


Blow Molding, Thermoforming and Rotomolding

J. Vlachopoulos (Canada)

A. Javadi

Gh. Hashemi



Polymer Composites

L. A. Pessan (Brazil)

S. Bazgir
R. Ghaffarian

M. H. Beheshti
A. Zadhoush

M. Esfandeh


Extrusion and Extrusion Processes

Covas (Portugal)

J. Morshedian

E. Ghasemi

H. Garmabi


Fibers, Films and Membranes

T. Kikutani (Japan)

Gh. Khanbabaei

N. Golshan Ebrahimi

A. Nalbandi


Injection Molding and Molds

G. Titomanlio (Italy)

N. Famili




Mixing and Compounding

C. Jana (USA)

M. Mehranpour

M. Masoumi

A. A. Yousefi


Polymer Blends and Alloys

H-J Radusch (Germany)
Cassagnau (France)

A. Arefazar

H. Jafari

M. Frounchi


Morphology and Structure Development

G. Peters (Netherlands)

R. Bagheri
N. Taheri Ghazvini

M. A. Semsarzadeh

N. Mohammadi


Polymer Foams

K. Chule (Canada)

G. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi

M. Barikani



Bio Polymers and Polymers from Renewable resources

P. Saha (Czech)

A. Kazemi
B. Mohajerani

E. Vasheghani
H. Mirzadeh

H. Asem-Pour


Process Modeling and Simulation

E. H. Meijer (Netherlands)

M. H. R. Ghoreishi
F. Sharif

M. Salami Hosseini

M. Parvazinia


Process Monitoring, Control and Sensors

P. D. Coates (UK)

M. Shahrokhi

Sh. Shah Hosseini

M. Rafizadeh


Reactive Processing

M. Xanthos (USA)

M. R. Moghbeli

Z. Ahmadi

M. K. Razavi


Recycling/Reusing of Polymers


A. Sharif

Gh. Bakhshandeh
M. R. Vaseghi

A. Oromiyehei


Rheology and Rheometry

P. Carreau (Canada)

A. Ramezani Saadat Abadi

F. Goharpey

B. Kaffashi

Special Symposia


Application of  Polymers in Petroleum industries

B. Dabir
J. Aalaie

M. Abdollahi

M. Hemmati


Polymerization Process Engineering

J. B. P. Soares
V. Haddadi-Asl

M. Nekomanesh
F. Abbasi

F. Afshar-Taromi
H. Eslami


Surface Coatings

Z. Ranjbar
S. Pourmahdian

M. Kassiriha
S. Bastani

M. Mohseni

Social Program
The Welcome Reception will be held on Tuesday 15 November, 2011 at the Kish International Convention Centre.
The Poster Sessions will be held in the conference area from Tuesday 15 November, 2011 to Thursday 17 November, 2011 along with the oral presentations.
The Conference has a formal Banquet the venue, date, and time of which will be announced soon.
All social events are included in a Full Registration Fee for "Member” and “Non-Member" registration types. However, Students, Accompanying People, and Listeners must additionally pay for the Conference Banquet.

Members Area

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